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Peace of mind lies within your wedding deposit

Heart-shaped lock and key

Are your plans secured?

Just how important is your wedding day to you? You probably cannot put it into words.

And you will never hear or feel anything from me other than: You and your significant other are the most special people in the world on your big day. And that’s the wholehearted truth.

Though every day here in the Greater Boston wedding market, from the North Shore to Western Mass to Cape Cod, literally hundreds if not thousands of happy couples are researching and evaluating the numerous DJ’s and other entertainment options that exist for their ceremonies and receptions. There’s a lot of competition that exists out there between wedding entertainment companies and performers, that’s for sure. But there is also another level of intense competition going on at the same time: the competition for wedding dates!

Eight times out of ten, a couple plans on getting hitched on a Saturday afternoon or evening. Doing some simple math, at most there are 52 Saturdays available for many performers to schedule their work. Remove from that number a handful of holidays, vacation and other personal days, and now a performer is working with less than 50 key dates on which he or she can try to make him or herself an honest living doing what he or she loves. (Clients, as well as function halls, photographers, etc., are similarly working with that same limited number of date options.) So, it is vital that a professional, full-time performer ensures that these dates get booked – think: secure – as soon as possible.

To the future brides and grooms out there (and really to anyone else planning a special event): although you are and will be truly special as a married couple, as a customer in the marketplace, you really need to take advantage of a great opportunity before it passes you by! How can you do that and make positive that you secure that one performer about whom you’re most keen? It’s simple: leave a deposit.

One scenario that just happened to me: Two wedding clients are requesting the same date next summer for my services. While fielding questions and providing information on my services to each client, I made each party aware of the other’s expressed interest in the same date, and also made it clear that a deposit would have to be made by credit card to truly confirm and secure that date in my schedule. One client moved more quickly than the other and will now have my performance at their wedding reception; the other client unfortunately only received my best regards and wishes and my recommendation to another wedding DJ. This is an inopportune yet fairly regular occurrence with in-demand performers.

So, my sincere advice to everyone soon booking an event performer: make your deposit and lock things up quickly. Otherwise, you may lose out on your ideal DJ or other performer and be back at the drawing board. 

May you have peace of mind and a perfect wedding day!

[One quick note on credit card deposits: Although you may feel uncomfortable putting your credit card number in the hands of an entertainment company or performer (a.k.a., a “stranger”), it is actually in some ways more secure than sending a check. Number one: Your date is guaranteed as secure, in the timeliest fashion. Number two: If an issue ever arises (forbid!), you’ll have better odds of disputing and recouping a credit card deposit than one made by check.]


At some point in your life, professionally or privately, you will need entertainment for an event. From a simple DJ, to everything eye-catching, engaging, and creative: be sure to keep us in mind, to blow your mind. No event, venue, client, or concept is out of the question.

The concept we believe in: your event unique.

Feel free to drop us a line and learn more about us. (We’d like to learn more about you, too.)

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