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The Boston DJ’s Wedding Diary: T-Minus 9 Days…!!!

Last time we connected here in my wedding diary, we had so much time to play with. Now, we have only nine days. It is tricky to figure out exactly where all the time went (though I imagine a good deal may have gone to prepping for and performing at the billion other weddings we had booked this spring, summer and fall!). It is certainly a bit tough to breathe at this point, with still two other weddings standing between my work schedule and my own wedding (read: downtime). I do see daybreak, and I’m making the final dash for it.

My lovely, soothing yet on-the-ball fiancee Alison has been working her tail off on wedding details for months, though I have been chipping in here and there. This past week, we met finally with our priest (who actually reminded us to get our rings!), applied for our marriage certificate at city hall, and begin dis- and re-assembling our wedding favors/table seating cards (these are very cool leaf  coasters, which you are see here http://www.momentsofelegance.com/catalog/fall-impressions-glass-photo-coasters-p-1820.html).

We decided to go with my good friend Oscar at Omar & Oscar’s Jewelry in East Boston, Mass., for our last-minute wedding bands. I have very simple tastes (my first pick of the showcase was actually a $40 stainless steel ring), but my better half eventually talked me into choosing a slightly more stylish band that is a layering of yellow gold on titanium. Her band is being custom made in white gold with between three and five small diamonds totaling about 1/4 karat, to match the width of the triple diamond setting on the engagement ring.

Tree stump slice centerpiece

DIY: tree stump slice centerpiece featuring bride & groom's initials, made with woodburning tools, and tea lights. c

Some of the things we have had the most fun in planning and designing are the centerpieces. We will have three different arrangements, all geared toward our warm fall theme, coinciding with the chocolate brown napkins and chair bows (bows we bought ourselves online for only $0.60 each – our friends will be putting them on the chairs, saving us $2.90 per chair from going with the bows supplied by the venue). A third of the tables with feature a set of two cylinder vases, 7” high and 10” high, each filled with an autumn potpourri (collected by us on the cheap from the abundance of nature) of tree bark, acorns, pine cones, etc. A candle will be placed into the top of each vase, with tea lights around the base of each. Another third of the tables will feature a 6 inch high, 6 inch diameter tree stump slice, with a hole drilled into the center, into which the bridemaids’ bouquets will double as a flower arrangement centerpiece (see the cost-saving trends here?). The final third, which we are most excited about, feature a set of two similar tree stump slices, one leaned against the other, into which we will be emblazoning our initials into, using wood-burning tools purchased at Michael’s Crafts. Tea lights will accompany this centerpiece style as well. You can see a photo of it here.

There is much more info, tips, and pics to see in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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