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The Boston DJ’s Wedding Diary: T-Minus 343 Days: We’re Infants

So, with only 343 days remaining (that’s only 29,736,855 seconds, people!), here it is: my opportunity to begin sharing with all of you the delicious victories and the (hopefully few) trials and tribulations of my very own wedding planning process, alongside my perfect bride-to-be Alison. As a career mobile wedding DJ, I thought this would be a perfect chance to show the world how easy wedding planning can be when you’re in the business. As you go from wedding from wedding, you (meaning I) understand all the best and worst traits, all the issues and pitfalls, of venues and vendors and concepts, right? Sure, keep dreaming.  I’m realizing very quickly how little I know and how completely complicated, frustrating, and time consuming this process can be. I’m learning that no matter who you are (besides maybe a professional wedding planner – but who knows, that might not even save you!), a bride and groom (or bride/bride, groom/groom) are like infants when the entire world of wedding planning is exposed to them. We’re spoon fed everything: some things we love (the applesauce) and others we hate (split peas). So, I’m guessing we will “spit up” a whole bunch in the process and make some things a big mess.

Of course, I know some things will go down easy: there will be the highlights and quality time spent with my fiancée and family members and friends too, which will make this process in the end more good-memorable than bad-memorable.

So, I hope you will enjoy our ride as much as we do, and that you will learn something along the way to implement into your own wedding planning hullabaloo. Hope you keep reading!

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