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One word for your wedding: Relax.

How would you like some top wedding tips? Well, let me help you minimize what I call “wedding perfection-preoccupation overload.” Today’s word is relax.

Wedding cake problemsBeing in the wedding entertainment business, you can’t help but learn a lot about the other aspects of wedding reception logistics. The reception is supposed to be an enjoyable, memorable time for a couple. I believe the reception should be as near stress-free as possible, and nine times out of ten, this is all within the mind frame and control of the couple. Far too often, I find beautiful brides on their big day, worried so much that their jaws are clenched tightly and their balled-fists are trembling with tension. Their eyes bulge out of their heads. The grooms are on edge too, as they want their one-and-only to be satisfied on this magical day. (Important note: this blog entry is not reserved only for the straight couples; gay and lesbian couples are equally impacted by “overload.”)

I’d say that at nearly 20% of the receptions at which I perform, the bride or the groom brings down each other’s spirits and/or the spirits of their guests by a distinguishable amount. Every person has their own threshold, their own reasonable limits. Nevertheless, try to stay focused on the beauty of the occasion and the presence of your partner and your guests, taking the appropriate time and care to be in the moment and capture the entire reception in your memory. Try not to micromanage and sweat the small stuff on your big day: after you’ve done your due diligence and proper advanced planning, it’s time to leave it in the hands of your hired professionals and let fate take over.

So, relax when it comes to…

1.)    Seating snafus. Aunt Josie on your mother’s side forgot her glasses at home so she wound up at the table with extended family on your dad’s side. Somehow sitting at adjacent seats are your two cousins who haven’t spoken in three years because of a happy birthday card that got lost in the mail. Relax. Often in a time of celebration, new friends are made and broken fences are mended. And besides: the important thing is that you and your significant other are sitting together.

2.)    Moody music. Whether you hire a DJ or a band, a part of the fee you pay is actually for the experience these folks have in reading a crowd, transitioning between different genres and requests, and moving the night along at a proper pace. It’s true that music is one of the most important aspects of a reception, and that’s why you’ve discussed your musical preferences with the performer, at length and in advance. So relax. Sure, they might be playing your second-favorite Michael Jackson song, but that doesn’t mean you should pull yourself away from a nice conversation with Grandma Dolores to head to the stage or DJ booth to change “Billie Jean” to “Beat It.”

3.)    Luke-warm menu. Caterers work tremendously hard to get each of your courses, from hors d’oeuvres to dessert, out to you and your guests as fast, orderly, and temperature-appropriate as possible. When serving 100+ people simultaneously, mistakes may happen. Did your spinach arrive slightly south of piping hot? Relax. It likely would have ended up stuck in your teeth anyway – it’s not the most photogenic food item. Just double up on the wedding cake and encourage your guests to do the same in passing conversation.

Even if something “goes wrong,” try not to waste your time or energy getting upset at your reception. (Note: If the problem truly was a major one, you can always voice your opinion and/or seek reparations after the event.) At the end of the day, each moment of your reception will play out the way it was destined to: over and above the celebration of committed love between two people, these unique circumstances are what make your wedding reception so special. Remember that you, the new couple, are really what make the reception “perfect.”

So, if intoxicated cousin Jeffrey leaps through your crowd of single girlfriends like Michael Jordan and snags your bouquet toss, I can pretty much guarantee you, your husband or wife, and your guests will remember it – and laugh about it! – for years to come.


At some point in your life, professionally or privately, you will need entertainment for an event. From a simple DJ, to everything eye-catching, engaging, and creative: be sure to keep us in mind, to blow your mind. No event, venue, client, or concept is out of the question.

The concept we believe in: your event unique. (tm)

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